The Project

The general objective of the project is to enhance the safety of nuclear installations through further improvement of the training capabilities for providing the necessary personnel competencies.


More specific objective of the proposed CORONA II project is to continue the development of a state-of-the-art regional training network for VVER competence (which will be called CORONA Academia), whose pilot implementation through CORONA project (2011-2014) proved to be viable solution for supporting transnational mobility and lifelong learning amongst VVER operating countries. The project aims at continuation of the European cooperation and support in this area for preservation and further development of expertise in the nuclear field by improvement of higher education and training. This objective should be realized through the co-operation between universities, research organisations, regulatory bodies, industry and any other organisations involved in the application of nuclear science, ionising radiation and nuclear safety.


CORONA II project specific objectives

  • To elaborate a harmonized approach to education in the nuclear science and nuclear engineering in VVER countries to support improving the safety of nuclear installations;
  • To achieve co-operation and sharing of academic resources and capabilities at the national and international level;
  • To accelerate and optimize the development of competences in the nuclear area to ensure the high quality of nuclear education and training in VVER area;
  • To further develop the VVER training infrastructure;
  • To promote the implementation of modern training methodologies and technologies, dissemination of experience and best practices in Europe in the field of training.
  • To promote the establishment and development of national training systems for nuclear power sector in the newcomers.
  • To establish a framework for mutual recognition: Implementation of ECVET, which is one of the mail goals of EC in education and training area, will be supported through testing of its elements and pilot implementations;
  • To integrate VVER education and training with the European education and training in nuclear safety and radiation protection;
  • To foster and strengthen the relationship with technology platforms, networks and other organisations in the nuclear education and training sector.
  • To enhance knowledge sharing, dissemination and online collaboration through an advanced knowledge management portal